WC Ninja & test event FISO WC 2022

More information on the Ninja World Championship and test event called Hero race championship in Moscow 

The World Ninja Championship will take place on 13/14 & 15 August 2021 in Moscow, if you want more details about this, please contact Ronny Hofenboom (he will also be there): ronny.hofenboom@worldobstacle.org

Here you can find some more information: https://www.worldobstacle.org/2021-ninja-world-championships/

The OCR World Championship under FISO will not take place this year but on this location a test event will take place under the name Hero Race Championship, more details can be found on: https://ocrcup.world/

Ronny Hofenboom will also be present and will make travel arrangements for both events with other interested parties. Then there are also 2 documents available to help you apply for a visa for that

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