BOCRA League


2020 will be the start of the 1st BOCRA League* of which several matches with a competition wave will be part. These will be controlled by BOCRA marshalls. Also sprints on training locations will be part of this. 

We will draw up a distribution of the results per race (for those who finish with a band). At the end of the year we will draw up a final classification and the best athletes will be rewarded with prizes (both cash prizes and prizes in kind).

*This only applies to BOCRA members joined at the time of the competitions.

Next games will count for this League:

indoor competition combat zone 2/02/2020
hero sprint by BOCRA 10/05/2020
Medieval run 17/05/2020
sprint competition The Field (date not yet known)

More info and competitions will follow!

current result:

Women overall 

Men juniors 16-25 year

Men elites 26-39 year

Men seniors 40+



age groups were created based on the number of members between certain ages. This will be evaluated annually and can be adapted if necessary. Age is viewed by year of birth.

For the women, a general group is made up by a small number.

For the men:

Juniors: up to 25 years

Elites: 26 to 39 years

Seniors: from 40


distribution of points (general result): 

1st: 50 points

2nd: 40 points

3rd: 30 points

4th-5th: 25 points

6th to 10th: 20 points

11th to 20th: 15 points

21st to 30th: 10 points

30th to 50th: 5 points



BOCRA will look for partners to put together a nice price package for the top 3 of each group (subject to reservation, can be extended).
Award ceremony will take place at the BOCRA members’ meeting in 2021.