Here is a summary of what we currently know and after listening to the audio interview on OCR audio with the chairman of FISO, Ian Ademson

  • After several years of existence, World OCR (FISO) has now come under the control of FISO with the organisation of the World Cup OCR organised by federations. This was preceded by years of preparation in order to get this done because of the large amounts of money involved in such an event. They were also behind the European Championships in Poland last summer.
  • You can read more about why they chose here to organize this World Cup in Russia/Sochi.
  • Different types of runs applied and their specific purposes (commercial or non-commercial)
  • How we want the OCR sport to grow and develop with its different disciplines
  • Olympic thought to make the athlete better
  • Focus will be placed on achieving something and not as happened now with queues, one wants the best as 1st across the finish line and a real race
  • ¬†You can also listen to the interview yourself via a link on Belgian OCR Community on facebook.


FISO World Championship 2020 Sochi (Russia)

Who/what is FISO (International Federation of Obstacles Sports) :

  • A member-based independent non-profit organization made up of volunteers to represent the needs of all OCR athletes around the world.
    Governing body and competent authority for OCR and related disciplines (such as FIFA in football or iaaf in athletics) worldwide
  • independent association consisting of nationally affiliated federations in more than 80 countries
  • Comprises the President, the Management Group and the Committees. In this case, BOCRA represents the athletes in Belgium and can make proposals and vote on conditions and rules.
    Last European Championship in Poland was also led by FISO.

Target FISO:

  • Contributing to improve the athlete by participating in sport without discrimination or prejudice of any kind.
  • Commitment to mutual understanding, cooperation, friendship and fairness between athletes and all stakeholders
    Unite Ocr sport worldwide
  • Anti-doping (OIC cooperation)
  • To be recognised and to become an Olympic sport
  • Let the best athletes compete against each other in their own strength (ninja/short/lung/team).

Why Sochi?

  • Large database of volunteers
  • Experience with large ocr sports events
  • Russian Federation is recognized
  • Olympic history


  • 5 athletes per category per distance
  • National Federation (BOCRA) decides which athletes can represent Belgium at the European Championships by participating in runs that cooperate with the national federation (BOCRA).
  • Members of the National Federation (BOCRA)
  • It will no longer be possible to qualify on Spartan Races (in all likelihood) as Spartan has not agreed to the organisation of the European Championship/World Championship to be qualification runs for this.


  • Ninja (160m with 12 obstacles)
  • Short course (3km)
  • Long course (12km)
  • Team
  • Open (will disappear into the future)

Age groups:


Extra info WK Sochi:

  • TV broadcast (12 cameras) distributed on/along terrain
    Trail on/around a ski resort
  • Based on the idea of EK2019 but with a little less (technical) obstacles
  • 3 straps system
    – Taking all the hurdles
    – In case of failure of the obstacle, the athlete must give up the tyre and continue…
    – Before the finish there will be one penalty round to be run per lost band.
    – 1st athlete across the finish line is the winner
  • Different final quotes:
    – DNC: straps lost
    – DNF: stopped
    – DSQ: disqualification (e.g. skipping an obstacle)
  • Revenue for organisation World Cup:
    – Ski resort offers
    – Union of Russia and partners
    – TV/media
    – commercials

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