become BOCRA member: bocra-2023

Come to our membership meeting on January 21 at the Meirdam in Dendermonde, tell us your choice here using the form

Why become a member?

Most importantly: Insurance.
BOCRA offers in cooperation with its partners Ethias & Sporta, its members one of the moest complete sports – accident insurance policies on the market. Both personal injuries as civil liability are covered. More information concerning this can be found below.

But of course BOCRA wants to offer you much more than that. We are taking the initiative to develop a Belgian competition with, among others running numbers for athletes.

We are trying to make contact with the organisers of the European- and World Championships. This way we seek to warm up more organizers to offer a competition wave and in a later stage also be a qualifier for the championships.

Of course this goes with a National team. BOCRA eventually hopes to support Belgium’s best athletes with their participation in the EC and WC.

Also for the recreational sporter we want to be of value. BOCRA has the knowledge to assist organizers and clubs in their safety records, which can only benefit the participant. Besides that we try to keep everyone informed about what is happening in the sport. A calendar of all the events and a list of training facilities are just a few examples of this.

In the futures we hope to achieve discounts and other benefits for our members through sponsorship.

Membership Terms

I’m a Belgian and live abroad. Can I become a member of BOCRA?

Of course. We like to welcome all Belgians to BOCRA. You can obtain a license number, participate in the Belgian competition and you even have the chance to be chosen for our national team. For the insurance there are some requirements to be able to fully enjoy what the insurance has to offer. You can only enjoy the same benefits if you are actually domiciled in Belgium. The cost for those who are insured stop at the country borders, so for example during aftercare abroad the insurance does not intervene.

Can I as a non-Belgian also become a member of BOCRA?

You can, but we honestly recommend you not to. We do not see the immediate advantages of this. This would just mean that you are sponsoring the association in Belgium, but you would get little to nothing in the place. We don’t want to give people a false sense of security, and therefore advise you to seek a worthy alternative in your own country. It is also so that the landscape in Belgium looks completely different in terms of insurance than in other countries. So it is best that you look for an insurance in your own country that best suits your needs as a sporter.

How much does it cost?

The board of BOCRA has fixed the price for a membership at €40 (30€ when -16 year old). This will partially go to the insurance. The rest is considered as operations money.
At the first GMM (General members meeting) the costs will be highlighted and the membership price will be evaluated.

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