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Course: Head Marshall

A Head Marshal is someone who has some experience and background in guiding the competition at events. He or she is responsible for the marshals, is the contact person for organizers and honours the name BOCRA.

A Head Marshal may be used in the future to check the event’s safety record in advance and provide advice.

He or she can possibly assess the obstacles and course before the event starts, if necessary inform the organizers on safety issues and to also get an idea of the number of marshals that are necessary and where.

A Head Marshal is someone who takes charge and can express themselves in a group. He or she informs on the one hand the volunteers of the organization and the marshals of BOCRA about what their tasks are that day. And on the other hand he gives the last guidelines to the competition runners and following takes the start- and finish procedure upon himself.

After arrival he/she handles the complaints of the competition runners and he/she takes care of the correctness of the competition results.

The parts of the course are:
* Safety of the course
* Judging obstacles, estimating required marshals
* Distributing available marshals during an event
* Briefing marshals and volunteers prior to an event
* Coping with the start and finish procedure
* Practical assignment

The practical assignment will take place at an obstacle run which works together with BOCRA.  For now we are not working together with OCR International fort his course, in contrast to the marshal course. We are still checking the opportunities to accommodate each other in the future.

The course is offered for free (lunch and transportation to the course is at your own expense)

Even as a Head Marshall we do not impose on a minimum commitment. We invite you to show your devotion by presenting yourself as a head marshal several times annually. You do this, because you want to! We do not impose obligations on you and are more than pleased by the fact that you want to express your passion for the sport in this way.

Persons wishing to partake in the Marshall course must be affiliated with BOCRA.  If you have a sports accident insurance on own initiative then of course this is sufficient. As mentioned earlier, we do not have the intention to ‘bind’ marshals to us.  This is particularly important for the insurance.
In addition, candidates must also be at least 18 years old on the day the course takes place.
Anyone who wants to follow the course for Head Marshal must have already obtained the certificate of Marshal/Official that is recognized by BOCRA and OCR International.

We will strive to, when you are deployed as a marshal, to receive a free starting ticket. BOCRA is pro for putting this ticket in a pile. For every time you assist as a marshal you are entitled to one ticket out of the pile. Concrete agreements on compensation are always made per run with the organization and will be communicated on time.

The first course will take place on Saturday the 8th of April. We will start around 14h00, following the marshal course and will continue until 18h00, with a small half hour break in-between. The location is at the OCR Belgium Training Course, situated in the Potaardestraat 10 in Stekene.

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