Course: Marshal

Course OCR International Marshall

For this we have teamed up with OCR International. BOCRA is working under their supervision and in accordance with the OCRIS mark, since we as a federation of an international sport find it important to also have certain standards across borders.

A marshal is a referee during a competition. He/she checks if competition runners take the obstacle and/or follow the course correctly according to the rules of that competition and in accordance with international regulations.

He/she provides guidance, shows initiative and has the appearance of a person skilled in the controls and checks, and is therefore aware of all the relevant information to provide an informed judgement and bring this out.

The OCR Marshall shows initiative, integrity and has the appearance of a professional who checks when obstacle are being undertaken. The marshal is up to date on all relevant information to give an informed opinion and knows how to communicate this in a respectful and clear manner.

BOCRA considers it important that you gain experience in practice. The practical assignment for the course is therefore a practice day at  an obstacle course race under the supervision of an experienced (head-)marshal.

The parts of the course are:
* Rules
* Basic knowledge referee
* What is “correct and what is wrong”
* Dealing with resistance/aggression
* Quick & objective decision making
* Communication style
* Practice through role play
* Practice day (to be planned later on)

The practical assignment is also your first use at an obstacle run which works together with BOCRA or OCR international.
The course is offered for free (lunch and transportation to the course is at your own expense). We invite you to show your devotion by presenting yourself as a marshal several times annually. You do this, because you want to! We do not impose obligations on you, we meet your passion for the sport, to see and enjoy working with you.