qualification conditions


  • Qualifications for the EC/WC will be determined by BOCRA according to run results by the athletes.
    • When selecting athletes by age group, results can also be compared between them to make a final decision
    • Selections for the next EC 2023 will be made (at the latest) before the BC 2023
    • Selections for the next WC 2023 will be made (at the latest) after the BC 2023
  • The FISO points system will be used (see link below) to get an internal overview of the delivered performances.
  • Below this page you can find an online points list
    • the 3 best results will count for the total points
  • Some important races for this are races where BOCRA was/will be present but also some international races can be added (between brackets the coefficient that applies for the scoring):
    • standard distance
      • OCREC 2022 (2)
      • BC 2022 (1,5)
      • SV OCR Series 2022 (1)
      • Yu man race 2022 15km (0,5)
      • end results Belgian OCR League
    • Short distance selection
      • OCREC 2022 (2)
      • 2nd Belgian OCR league races (info follows soon) (0,5)
      • World series 6km (1)
    • 100m selection
      • 400m world series
    • …. (will be completed)
  • You need to be a BOCRA member to claim a selection and indicate you want to go for qualification.
  • BC 2023 result will already count for points EC 2024 (but will count for WC 2023)

Pointsystem overview lists

Short course

Standard course

adjustments can still follow!

Qualifying race participated but not in the list, please pass it on via info@belgianocra.be

FISO rules:

Here you can find guidelines for the qualification conditions of FISO (will be updated for WC 2023 but so you already have an indication)



Points vs results

Depending on the importance of the race (or choice of the BOCRA board ) the value is determined

This entered in the table

After entering the results, this will be converted by a formula to a number of points

raw score: points on 100 (where 100 is for the first place)

eff score: converted according to the chosen value of the race

  • Separate scoring for M/F
  • Points total always calculated from the 1st finisher